Council restructure “back to basics”

Council restructure “back to basics”

Gladstone Regional Council has unanimously adopted a new organisational structure to save approximately $14.4 million over three years and better serve the community now and into the future.

Councillor Trevor said that the expected savings would be made through organisational efficiencies in a new “back to basics” streamlined system.

A lengthy and ongoing process of negotiation with Council employees led to the adoption of the agreement in which Cr. Trevor said 89 per cent of employee feedback was able to be implemented.

“We’re grateful that the employees were so engaged and came on board with the development of the new structure,” he said.

“They were very conscious of the need for change in order to safeguard the long-term financial viability of the council and future-proofing jobs within the organisation.

“Our people were very engaged in the process and I am confident our new structure will support us to be more agile in adapting to community needs,” Cr Trevor said.

Cr. Trevor said the shift in focus meant that there would be a reduction of 12 full-time middle-management roles, however there has also been an increase of 3.5% in frontline staff.

“We’re reducing some red tape and information silos but we’re increasing staff on the frontline, where they should be, helping the public,” he said.

Cr. Trevor said it was never easy to decide to cut jobs anywhere in the organisation, and that careful consultation with employees had reduced the expected number of jobs lost to a minimum.

“We will reduce the layers of bureaucracy, cutting the red tape currently in our business, to make it easier for our employees to do their work, and easier for the community to do business with us,” he said.

“If we’re efficient the community benefits, if we’re inefficient the community pays,” he said.