CQU Helps Showcase Gladstone’s Renewable Potentials To Japanese Leaders

CQU Helps Showcase Gladstone’s Renewable Potentials To Japanese Leaders

CQUniversity Australia has hosted a Japanese trade convoy, showcasing Central Queensland’s capabilities with hydrogen and renewable energy.

As a part of this activity, CQUniversity Gladstone showcased their facilities, training and skills delivery and research capabilities at its Gladstone Marina campus. As a part of the Cooperative Program for Resources Engineering program, the University also hosted a group of Japanese master’s students. This is a post-graduate education program, jointly established through a collaboration between Hokkaido University and Kyushu University.

The students will spend several week in Queensland at several universities, and during the time they spend at CQU they will focus on gaining a thorough understanding of local industry, including time spent at local mines as well as the Port of Gladstone.

As part of the trade convoy, CQU will establish an adjunct professorial appointment with professor Masakazu Sugiyama of Tokyo University, a globally-renowned hydrogen expert who is also known for his research and advocacy into energy transition.

It is hoped that this appointment will help to strengthen relationships, as well as create knowledge sharing an research development.

Professor Sugiyama expressed that Gladstone has a number of natural advantages in green Hydrogen production, and that the entire region has the potential to lead the way in energy transition, production and export.

Mr. Luke Sinclair, the Associate Vice-President of the CQUniversity Gladstone campus, said that this collaboration will hopefully inspire a new wave of renewable energy research.

“CQUniversity has a strong strategy when it comes to renewable training and research that positions us as an objective third-party who can do the work for industry when it comes to identifying, testing and applying innovation and then working collaboratively with them to develop and share knowledge when it comes to making, using and selling clean energy,” said Mr. Sinclair.

“CQUniversity also has plans to establish a Hydrogen Training Centre which will complement existing infrastructure on the Gladstone Marina campus and allow us to increase our research and training outputs including foundation skills, electrolyser operation, instrumentation and process control and advanced manufacturing.”


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