What did the cruise ships say?

What did the cruise ships say?

It’s been a big occasion welcoming the first ever two P&O Cruise Ships into the Region on Thursday March 10th and Sunday March 20th. The welcome program, Feast on East Markets, displays and the wonderful Volunteer Cruise ambassadors made a great impression on the P&O visitors.

GAPDL ran a survey on the day, encouraging feedback from the visiting passengers and have been very delighted with the responses so far. GAPDL Chief Executive Darryl Branthwaite said, “The feedback we’ve received from not only the P&O passengers, but also the local community has been very positive. Passengers were thrilled with all the effort put in to the welcome program and delighted at the friendly, helpful Volunteer Cruise Ambassadors”.

On Sunday 20th March approximately 95% of passengers and 75% of staff disembarked the Pacific Jewel in Gladstone, which meant over 2000+ passengers and crew came ashore. Based on survey results 94.6% of respondents spent an average of $110+ per person during their onshore visit in Gladstone, resulting in a significant cash injection to local businesses and the Gladstone Region. Interestingly the most popular purchases were food items and local crafts and souvenirs.

When asked how their experience of the Gladstone Region met their expectations, 75% of the respondents said their expectations of Gladstone were exceeded with their visit. 86.5% of respondents also indicated that they are likely to return to the region based on their experience here.

“These results are a great outcome for the Gladstone Region and we would like to acknowledge and thank our partners, the Gladstone Regional Council and Gladstone Ports Corporation, along with the sponsors, volunteer ambassadors and the community for supporting this great achievement. The Cruise ships are a great asset to our Tourism Industry and this is shown in the survey results with a high percentage of respondents likely to return to the Gladstone Region,” said Mr Branthwaite.

 Sourced from GAPDL Website