The Cruise Ships are visiting Gladstone!

The Cruise Ships are visiting Gladstone!

Dream Cruises and their ship, the Explorer Dream, has commenced cruising on the East Coast of Australia, frequenting Gladstone as part of their route. Gladstone will see the cruise ship visit eight times over a six week period, bringing visitors to our region and giving locals the chance to introduce our port city to them through markets and community events.

CEO of Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited (GAPDL), Gus Steadman spoke to Gladstone News, saying “every additional visitor to the region adds value to the local economy from the Feast on East Markets to the local taxi company – the cumulative effect of the cruise ships is substantial. With the cruises coming in so regularly, locals gain the benefit of visitors spending money locally and therefore creating more jobs.”

The port is currently undergoing infrastructure developments to accommodate cruise ships into the berth at Auckland Point, and to allow for a new cruise passenger terminal at East Shores.

“We are hopeful in the long term we will continue to grow the amount of cruise ships visiting the Gladstone region. GAPDL would like to do more in regards to growing the overall tourism experience in the Gladstone region to a point where the cruise ships become a bonus to our industry in the medium to long term.”

Keep an eye out for the larger-than-life Explorer Dream cruise ship at the Gladstone Port!


Photo by Emma Plath