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Nail awards at Master Builders' Regional and State Finals

Darrin Price Constructions

Gladstone builder Darrin Price and his star apprentice Bailey Price are now officially among the ‘best of the best’ in the Queensland building industry. 

With a firmly secured reputation for building quality new homes in CQ, the team from Darrin Price Constructions took out two awards at the Master Builders Awards; one at the regional level and the other at state finals both held virtually in 2020.

Bailey was named CQ Apprentice of the Year and Queensland Apprentice of the year in 2020 and was named a finalist at the National awards.

Meanwhile, recognition was given to Bailey for his “maturity, quality workmanship, genuine passion for building and his professional approach to clients and their projects whilst also studying engineering at uni”. Darrin said “This award means a lot to me as I believe very strongly in the future of the industry and the next generation of builders. I just couldn’t be more proud of Bailey. This young builder is making such a valuable contribution to the Darrin Price Constructions team and he’ll certainly have a very exciting career ahead of him.”

Bailey has been working for Darrin Price since the start of 2017. Having completed his school base apprenticeship with Darrin Price Constructions 2019, he started his full-time apprenticeship in 2020 as a 3rd year and part-time uni studying engineering at CQU.

Bailey said, “Through my apprenticeship with Darrin Price Constructions I gained experience on various project scopes including house extensions, decking and new home construction. This has certainly laid a strong foundation for success in my career, as the skills I have developed are both essential and invaluable. My proven skills and performance have seen my level of responsibility increase on each new project.   However, perhaps the most definitive sign of progress has been how I approach my work. As I continue to become more independent, I have seen myself develop an underlying sense of intuition towards the application of skills needed to excel in the field of carpentry. This, coupled with an innovative mind for my craft, not only makes me a reliable employee but resourceful as well.”


Darrin attributes Darrin Price Constructions’ achievement to establishing positive working relationships with clients, an increasing number of word-of-mouth referrals, as well as their ability to create new homes that meet – and exceed – clients’ expectations.  He said their point of difference was their boutique style of product and service. Taking a hands-on approach Darrin manages every new project, overseeing it from designing/drafting to finish and showing astute attention to detail that ensures each task is completed to the highest standard. “Darrin Price Constructions is committed to taking building to new heights and raising the bar,” he said. Using only reputable local trade contractors, Darrin is able to guarantee the quality of his houses.  Darrin Price Constructions’ considered design features – with a strong focus on sustainable living using eco-friendly materials and designs – provide energy and water efficiencies in the home.  A  Darrin Price Construction home includes many luxury items in their standard inclusions to create distinguished, quality homes and extensions.

From consultation right through to completion, Darrin Price Constructions is renowned for providing a personal service and successfully delivering challenging, diverse and innovative construction

projects whilst consistently meeting community, environmental and government expectations.

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