56 Years Young – Deb is an inspiration!

56 Years Young – Deb is an inspiration!

Almost 56 years young Deb Brown is lean, healthy and feels fantastic! 

With tremendous family support from her husband and children, local bodybuilder, Deb Brown is pushing her body to its limits and is loving it! Deb who recently won both her open figure and open physique categories at the INBA Defence and Emergency Services title is busy prepping for the INBA Australian Titles followed by the INBA Universe Competition.  

Deb said she has always been interested in bodybuilding. “It has always been a particular interest of mine, but life got in the way, and I stopped going to the gym.” It wasn’t until Deb ran into an old school friend that had undergone surgery for a knee replacement that the spark ignited and she wanted to get back into shape.  

When starting her bodybuilding journey, Deb wanted to find a way to lose weight and keep it off, but still be able to enjoy eating. After loads of research and losing 35kg by herself, Deb’s husband asked if she had ever thought about competing in a bodybuilding competition. After some contemplation, Deb decided there was nothing to lose and began competing in bikini competitions where she experienced mixed success. From there Deb moved onto fitness and sports model contests for a couple of years which led to where she wants to be, competing in the figure and physique bodybuilding categories.   

Deb said that she loves bodybuilding for the science involved in the preparation. “I love the science of it; I am coming up 56. I love to see what I can get this body to do now, what shape I can get it in and how tight can I get it. Accolades are not it for me it is about, how healthy can I be, how strong I can be and how active can I be!” 

A member of the PCYC Gym, Deb said that during pre-comp preparation she works out up to six nights a week. “The beauty of bodybuilding is that you can do what you want to do when you want to do it. It is no stress for me to go and work out, during pre-comp I could be at the gym six nights a week for 2 hours a night.” Deb said that she received great support from the team at the gym. “It is such a great supportive environment.” 

Deb encourages anyone who is considering getting back to the gym or getting in shape to just do it! “Start light and build up from there,” she said. “Start little and light, get your technique absolutely perfect.”