Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering Your Home

Whether you tackle it as part of a downsizing effort or simply to simplify your life, decluttering an entire home is a big job.

The best way to tackle it is in stages—focus on one room, one space, or even one zone within a room (like your kitchen cabinets), completing the job fully before moving on to the next space.

This will also build confidence as you experience visible success at each step.

You don’t need any fancy tools to declutter your home, but you do need five baskets or bins defined for these five purposes: Put away, recycle, fix/mend, trash and donate.


Start with your medicine cabinet, discard any outdated or empty medications, makeup and skincare products.

Put everything you want to keep back in the cabinet, storing the items you use most often at eye level.

Next, move onto any cabinet drawers or cupboard, and do the same routine.


Clothes everywhere but nothing to wear?

Organise your wardrobe by breaking it down into segments, work, exercise, sleep and keep your favourite outfits for each most visible.

Living Room

Decide on permanent storage spaces for commonly used items such as remote controls, magazines, books and declutter this space regularly!


Start with cupboard and drawers, apply the six-month rule to gadgets and tools; have you used it in the last six months? Will you use it in the next six?