Domino’s And PCYC Team Up To Help Learner Drivers

Domino’s And PCYC Team Up To Help Learner Drivers

The takeaway restaurant’s registered charity Give for Good announced a partnership with PCYC Queensland’s ‘Braking the Cycle’ program.

Being a delivery-based company, Domino’s is committed to making sure everyone on our roads is educated in safe driving. Those who don’t have access to a supervisor or a registered vehicle are no exception, and this program allows them to complete their logbook hours.

Give for Good has committed $40, 000 to the Braking the Cycle program, which will provide fuel to thirteen locations across the state, including Gladstone.

The lack of transportation stops many young people from seeking employment, so this program seeks to enable those people to be able to earn money for themselves.

In providing fuel for these sites, over 1,300 of the program’s participants will be able to attain licenses, after driving a total distance of 163,000 kilometres and logging 5,900 logbook hours.

The program also aims to help graduates of the program to find employment, with the intention of setting up the new drivers with jobs at their local Domino’s stores.

With over 30 percent of young people’s unemployment reasoning due to a lack of transportation, this program will have a positive effect on the lives of hundreds of young people.