Dress Up Your Windows To Celebrate the Harbour festival’s 60th Anniversary.

Dress Up Your Windows To Celebrate the Harbour festival’s 60th Anniversary.

The much-loved local festival is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary this April, with the window-dressing competition continuing for a fourth consecutive year.

Four years ago, the Quota Club of Gladstone decided to create a window-dressing competition for local businesses. The competition was put in place to encourage visitors to the area to engage with the fantastic events that the Gladstone Region has to offer, specifically our Harbour Festival.

“Sixty years ago, the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race was not much more than a few yachting enthusiasts challenging each other to a race. It’s now evolved into one of the most iconic yacht races in Australia,” said Liz Roberston of the Quota Club of Gladstone.

“At the time, Gladstone was just a small country seaside town with a magnificent harbour and a fledgling yachting community. The yacht race has now grown to put Gladstone on the map and attracts thousands of visitors and tourists to the town to welcome the yachts and celebrate Easter in Gladstone.”

In the first days of the Harbour Festival, local shops and businesses would dress up their windows to draw the attentions of visitors to the area, a tradition that no longer took place until four years ago, when the Quota Club of Gladstone decided to bring back the window displays.

The Harbour Festival Window Competition has grown over the years, but this year the theme will go from ‘Tropical’ to ‘Nautical’, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race.

This year, along with the window-dressing competition, the Quota Club of Gladstone is also encouraging locals to participate in ‘Tropical Thursday’ on the 14th of April.

“The whole Gladstone community is invited to find their brightest outfits and get in the mood to party and welcome our visitors.”