Empower Your Friday, With The Help Of Severine Hughes

Empower Your Friday, With The Help Of Severine Hughes

Severine Hughes, the owner and founder of Severine’ Sanctuary, wants to help spread a little bit more love.

Severine has been running a program on Friday mornings at 6am, where she teaches a free class on gentle yoga flow, breath work, and mental strategies to help cope with the stress of everyday life.

After an incident at 27 left Severine in a deep depression, she realised she needed to start reclaiming herself, and the power to understand what she was feeling.

“For me, that was a wake up call. I realised, ‘if I don’t do something about this, nothing will change’ and after that I started taking action. Initially, I found myself slipping back into the same thoughts and behaviours. I realised I needed to start taking my power back, and I got back into the routine of walking, practicing yoga, reading books and meditating. I isolated myself for a month and set myself to a routine, and after a week I was already starting to feel better,” said Severine.

For anyone who deals with stress or anxiety daily, these patterns of behaviour will feel all too familiar. Most of us will experience difficulty at some points in our lives with stress management, or with our own images of ourselves. This is exactly what Severine aims to help people with.

“To this day I still have my high and low points, but I have learned to watch them come through, and that I don’t always need to get involved with them. I want to give everyone a taste of what they can create for themselves with a bit of willingness.

“Wellness for me does not mean to be happy all the time- it means to know who you are, and listen to yourself with love, forgiveness and compassion.”

Set the tone for your day with Severine every Friday from 6am at Wild Cattle Creek Beach in Tannum Sands.

“Let’s watch the sunrise together, and create a better world.”

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