Enroll now at Rainbow Valley Early Learning Centre

Enroll now at Rainbow Valley Early Learning Centre

Rainbow Valley is the most sought after early learning centre for local families and it’s no surprise with the centre exceeding National Quality standards.

Family owned and operated since 1995 by Paul and Marion Hayes. The family has lived in Gladstone for almost 60 years. Marion and Paul, the Directors of the centre, have a background in Education having taught in Preschools, Primary schools and Early childhood centre’s for 25 years, both hold Bachelor Degrees in Early Education.

Paul and Marion’s primary goal when setting up the centre was to provide ‘quality’ environments and programs for children to experience. This is evident in a number of ways; the curriculum design is of a high standard; the staff display genuine care and attention for each child.

If you have had the opportunity to take a look inside the centre you will straight away see why kids thrive in this environment.

It’s a treat for the senses and has been created as a natural environment, which includes secluded areas for children to talk to each other, decks, dry creeks, native trees, bike paths open area for children to run, climbing areas for children to extend their physical development and exploratory areas to investigate.

Even parents find themselves wanting to wonder around, climb a tree and spend time in the beautiful outdoor wonderland.

The space has received official accolades too with Architectural awards for its excellence and the extension completed in 2015 was highly commended at the Queensland Architect awards for its inclusion of children’s decision making in its planning of our courtyard. Our outside environment has won two Regional Schools Garden Competitions. This is due to the extensive play spaces.

‘Rainbow Valley is a special place, where children are supported on a pathway of natural learning. The children are rich in potential, competent investigators of the world, who deserve quality environments and relationships that are supportive to the whole family. As the African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child” – Welcome to our village’ said Marion Hayes.

Marion is humble yet proud of the achievements ‘We are very proud that the service has received Exceeding National standards for all seven indicators under the National Quality standards. This is part of the new accreditation system introduced into Australia as a National Standard in June 2012.

With planning for 2017 underway the centre is inviting families to enrol now to reserve a place. Making the decision on where to send your child is important.

If you are looking at placing your child in care for the first time we invite you to ring or drop in to view our service and talk to one of our educators about enrolling your child.