Flourish Festival celebrates Central Queensland’s multiculturalism

Flourish Festival celebrates Central Queensland’s multiculturalism

Integreat Queensland are proud to launch the Flourish Festival to be held in Gladstone on the 28th of May.

The Flourish Festival is a free annual event celebrating multiculturalism through art by showcasing the creativity and richness of the Gladstone region and its people using fashion, music, performance, photography, and art.

Flourish Festival coordinator Kristel Kelly said the event is designed to celebrate multiculturalism through the lens of art.

“The Flourish Festival is designed to allow the community to show how they flourish in the Gladstone Region through their own creativity,” Kristel said.

“By displaying different facets of the arts including live music, fashion parades, interactive art activities and art exhibitions, we can show how multiculturalism goes throughout the whole community and people lives.”

The Flourish Festival is a community-led multicultural arts festival featuring dance, music, artistic and visual displays, a fashion parade and photo competition. This year will launch a brand new event, called: ‘Ignite Community Art – A multicultural mobile art installation’.

“Ignite Community Art – A multi-cultural mobile art installation engaged Central Queensland artists and about 120 community participants from over 20 nations who have all created their own artworks,” Kristel said.

“The artworks are currently being fashioned to an architectural designed mobile art installation integrated into a steel framework and fitted to a trailer which will ultimately travel throughout Central Queensland and be available for festivals, events, and local exhibitions.”

The Flourish Festival will be held at 1 Manning Street Gladstone on the 28th of May. For more information go to integreatqld.org.au or phone 4903 1931.