Foundations Care

Foundations Care

Foundations Care is a not-for-profit that has been passionately dedicated to a single purpose for more than 2 decades; that the core needs of children, young people, to feel safe, accepted and valued within their family and community, will be realized.

Supporting over 300 children, young people, and their foster and biological families in communities across NSW, QLD, and WA; Foundations Care provide foster care, residential care, and youth justice services.

Their partnerships are strong and long-lasting. Working alongside, researchers, behavioral scientists, government departments, elders, community leaders, carers, corporates and other not for profits means they are giving children, young people and families the best possible chance at a safe and stable life from which to thrive. Furthermore, their innovative and research-based approach to practice and the staff recruitment practices informed by cutting edge behavioral science has seen client outcomes that many in the industry never thought possible.

Foundations Care puts the needs and wellbeing of children first.

They carefully match children and carers to ensure the placement has the best chance of success. Where possible, we help family and community members take on the care of a child they know.

They are passionate about empowering people with skills, knowledge, and practical support. Foundations Care provides a range of services to support foster carers on their fostering journey, including training, workshops, caseworker meetings and ongoing encouragement.