Did you get a call back to work at Aldi?

Did you get a call back to work at Aldi?

**Job Interviews commence this Friday for Aldi Gladstone**

Anticipation has been building for the new Aldi store to open in Gladstone. After months of construction and couldn’t come at a better time for people looking for work before christmas.

Thousands of people have applied to a job at the store and the email went out today to those that had made the first round of interviews. Group interviews will be held on Friday 16th of December. There were allotted time slots and it appears they will be narrowing the applicants through a multi-staged HR process.

We wish all of the job seekers luck in the interviews and welcome more employment in our region.


GN love a good Aldi meme – gotta get me that Cat Hammock

Ps – Soon we can all pack our own groceries and carry trolley coins on our key-rings. Hoorah! GN are on high alert Aldi watch so we will share the opening date once we know it.