Gladstone And Saiki City Celebrate 25 Years Of Friendship

Gladstone And Saiki City Celebrate 25 Years Of Friendship

The 17th of March saw the Gladstone Region and Japan’s Saiki City celebrate their 25th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of friendship.

The Gladstone Region community was invited to celebrate with two events centred around shorebirds, used to symbolise the connection between the two cities. The Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum held a workshop called The Art and Science of Shorebirds, which was hosted by artist Margaret Worthington and bird expert Allan Briggs.

“Allan will share his insight and knowledge into the amazing migration of shorebirds, while Margaret will oversee an art workshop where attendees will have an opportunity to practise drawing birds and then create a watercolour painting,” said Gladstone Region Councillor and Saiki Sister City Advisory Committee member Desley O’Grady.

Followed by the workshop was the unveiling of three stainless steel bird-shaped statues outside of the Gladstone Regional Council Civic Centre, created by Margaret Worthington and Clive Rouse.

“These bird shapes represent the three migratory shorebird species that are seen in the Gladstone Harbour – a bar-tailed godwit, far eastern curlew and grey-tailed tattler,” Margaret said.

“These birds can travel over 11,000km during migration and are known to travel via Japan on their trip south..”

The species can be identified by their distinct beak shape in Margaret and Clive’s contemporary artwork, which can now be seen on the outside of the Council building.

“Something that deepened the friendship between Gladstone and Saiki city was the construction of the Traditional Japanese Teahouse in the Tondoon Botanic Gardens, and likewise the construction of the Australian garden in Saiki City,” said Mayor Matt Burnett.

“The Gladstone Region has benefited in so many ways from its relationship with Saiki City over the past 25 years, and we look forward to continuing our commitment to the Sister City relationship.