Gladstone Area Promotion And Development LTD Inspiring Women in the Tourism Industry

Gladstone Area Promotion And Development LTD Inspiring Women in the Tourism Industry

Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited (GAPDL) are fortunate to have many strong, resilient, inspiring women playing integral roles in promoting the Gladstone Region including Board Members, Staff, Volunteers and Ambassadors as well as the many wonderful females within the GAPDL Member Database. One of these inspiring women is Nicola Scurr who is pivotal within both the organisation itself and the community at large.

What’s your role in the tourism industry? 

My role in the tourism industry is the Tourism Manager for GAPDL focusing on elevating tourism in the Gladstone Region by increasing visitation and length of stay. I work on developing marketing campaigns and collateral to showcase our amazing region near and far, along with assisting to manage and maintain our stakeholder relationships. I also work very closely with the wider Southern Great Barrier Reef, our counterparts in Bundaberg and Capricorn Regions. I was also acknowledged as a Young Tourism Leader at the end of last year. This is a Queensland Government program that showcases young leaders in the industry and our role is to promote the industry to local schools and universities, encouraging people to consider a career in tourism and how rewarding it can be.

How do you feel women contribute to the tourism industry? 

Women are pivotal in any industry and the tourism industry is no exception. I feel women contribute immensely to the tourism industry and it is so encouraging seeing so many females in management/leadership roles.

Why do you feel women should be celebrated on International Woman’s Day? 

I feel women should be celebrated every day! However, having a day dedicated to women is very special and I think it is important so people can recognise the amazing accomplishments and how far women have come. Making everyone stop and actually appreciate all that women have done.

What woman/women have inspired you the most in life?

I really look up to my two older sisters, both are driven and determined in their fields of work. They have always been my backboard and support. I really admire my eldest sister who works in agriculture, very much a male dominated industry. She has always backed herself and has achieved some remarkable results, never doubting herself and her worth in a room full of men!

What’s the best advice you’ve been given by another woman?

I was always fearful of sitting at a table with men in leadership positions, however what I was once told and have never forgotten was that I too have purpose and value to be at that same table. Despite my age and gender.

Do you have a motto you live by that you could share with other women?

I know it’s not sticking with the ‘Women’ theme however growing up my Dad has always said “it is what it is” this is definitely something I come back and relate to on a weekly basis in both my work and personal life.