Gladstone Goes Digital with Elevate Media

Gladstone Goes Digital with Elevate Media


It used to be a home design shop in the Rydges square on Goondoon Street called Urban Lane and now the space has been reinvented by an exciting group that do tech and design. It’s a great win for the CBD to have Elevate Media land in the center of the business district and already discussions of a stronger digital future are happening.


Elevate Media is a forward thinking company that make websites, graphic design, do Google AdWords, web SEO, video production, apps, and have brought a little bit of the Google vibe to Goondoon Street with their funky new workspace design.

Elevate Media is owned by local Karina Georgi, who says “Elevate brings capital city products and services to Gladstone. Now that we are front and center, we can give more local companies an opportunity to thrive in the digital, design and social media spaces without taking business to Brisbane or Rockhampton. We have an impressive set of skills and our portfolio speaks to that. I am excited to help make buying local online a ‘thing’ and ensuring businesses are set up to be found online to capture the customers who look for products and services on phone and web.”

“Elevate brings capital city products and services to Gladstone. We have an impressive set of skills and our portfolio speaks to that.”

Karina has won awards over her career but a special mention was when Malcolm Turnball presented her as the winner of the Walkley Grant for Innovation 2015. She is only 32 and has a dynamic, young, highly skilled, and capable team. Karina is all about investing time, training and resources into the group, which makes them the best at new and emerging technologies. Elevate Media employs local staff and Karina’s philosophy is different to many others; she will not outsource web or app work, instead, bringing experts in on rotation to train and teach Elevate staff on a regular basis.


When it comes to the new office, you can see that Karina absorbed her time at Google and has brought idea’s back with her:

photopia-gn-office-045-web“It’s important we have a creative space that’s set up to work collaboratively with clients and each other. Design is a part of our DNA at Elevate Media, and it was a core focus when designing this modern workspace.  We are web designers, graphic designers and visual producers so when it came to our own look I wanted our creative brains to feel excited about the break out spaces, stand up desks, light, and bringing some outside in with greenery. We also want our clients to see straight away how serious we are about the ‘look’ of a brand & website being able to instantly impact and connect with a customer for the best chance of capturing new business. We think this space showcases that we deliver higher end design on a very affordable regional budget.”


Some of the websites you know and love created by Elevate Media