Gladstone LAN Group – a hub for like-minded gamers

Gladstone LAN Group – a hub for like-minded gamers

Gladstone LAN Group (GLG) is a group of like-minded gamers, competing in monthly tournaments for the elite title of Gladstone’s Champions!

LAN stands for Local Area Network and before internet was fast and reliable (dial up) it was the best way to catch up with mates and play the latest games lag free. E-Sport is growing in popularity as internet speed and reliability has increased to the point that LAN is just that, locals in the same area networking and forging friends in real life.

To get involved what you’ll need is a computer with monitor or laptop with the latest network drivers, patch of Overwatch , DOTA 2, League of Legends & CS:GO. If you don’t have these games it is not compulsory to play in the tournaments and there will always be social games to participate in.

Headphones with microphone are a must, as is an open and friendly attitude.

This past weekend the group held an overnight event at Centrepoint Gladstone and it was a great success. Over $500 worth of prizes were up for grabs with over 40 gamers getting involved. GLG are also organising a charity event set for November, with details coming soon.

If you are a gamer and would like to participate in these monthly tournaments, check out the website for more details – or their Facebook page – Gladstone LAN Group.

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