Gladstone Lucky Duck Derby Hits The Water This Good Friday

Gladstone Lucky Duck Derby Hits The Water This Good Friday

The Gladstone Seafarer’s Centre will be launching the event in Auckland Creek at 3pm, with spectators encourages to watch from East Shores.

The derby will take place under the Harbour Festival umbrella of events, which is why the event will be taking place on Good Friday. The Gladstone Seafarer’s Centre manager, Melinda Anderson, says that the timing of events has worked to their advantage.

“Due to the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race launching on the same day, Auckland Creek has extra pontoons and far less traffic than normal, making for ideal racing conditions for our ducks. Our new location is also more family-friendly with easy accessibility for all to attend,” said Melinda.

The event will operate as the Gladstone Seafarer’s Centre’s major fundraiser for the year, and since the program is a not-for-profit dedicated to the welfare of those on the water, the idea of a duck derby is perfectly fitting.

“Duck Derbies are held all around the world and we think they’re a hilariously good time. We even have two little duck costumes that the people of Gladstone may see us galivanting around in while we try and sell tickets.

Are you concerned about possible waste going in to our ocean?

“Don’t worry,” Melinda assured me, “We’ve been really fortunate to have the support of Maritime Safety Queensland again this year. They will be dropping the ducks off from their boat ‘The Badger’ with a huge net to drop our ducks from, and they will also have some of the gear they use to contain oil spills that have floats to contain our little ducks in at the end of the racecourse.

“We would really love to see as many people crammed along the shore line as possible. The ducks will be dumped into the water right out the front of East Shores, so it’s a perfect spot for people to watch.

“We also have a simultaneous race that has larger dinner-plate-sized ducks in it. These are the ‘Quackens’ and have been purchased by local businesses to go in the running for a separate prize. Most of these businesses are also going in the running for the hotly contested prize of ‘best-dressed duck’.”

For anyone who is interested in purchasing raffle tickets, go to or to for businesses.