Gladstone Motor Sports Club Inc. Hosts Region’s First Ever Drift Competition

Gladstone Motor Sports Club Inc. Hosts Region’s First Ever Drift Competition

The club hosted their first event on May 28th, with the second one due on June 25th.

The drift competition on the weekend of May 28th saw a total of 31 Pro/Proam drivers from across the state as well as three professional judges from South-East Queensland: Benjamin Bruin from Australian Institute of Motorsports, Michael Ginn from Dori Junkie and Troy Forsythe from Rotor Force. As well as a stellar line-up of judges, a professional MC, Tony Bishop, was flown in for the event from Melbourne.

Acrista Hamilton, the GMSC Secretary, said that what started as a vision for local drivers quickly turned into an opportunity for drivers from around the state.

“When we first had a plan to run competitions, our vision was to give our local competitors a chance to compete locally. Word spread, and before long we had high-class drivers willing to travel to compete for the offer of $5000 total in cash prizes. We have opened a second event on June 25th, available to any of the competitors that didn’t place in the ‘Top 8’ in this competition, as well as any other experienced drivers that want a chance to compete,” said Acrista.

The event saw about 500 spectators, 30 volunteers and 31 drivers, as well as their pit crew. Glenn Butcher was there for the official opening of the event, as it was the first ever drift competition in the Central Queensland Region.

“The never-run-before format meant more seat time for competitors: resulting in more smoke, scrapes, sliding and sideways action.”

First place went to Dan Keneally from Twisted Villians, taking home $2500. Second place was ‘Senna Tunny Drift #147’, taking home $1500 and Karl Schulz from Fish & Drift and Matthew Sozz from Twisted Villians coming in third and fourth, respectively.

“We were lucky enough to see not one, but five $10,000 sponsorships awarded to drivers by the Australian Institute of Motorsports. We’d also like to thank our major sponsors for the event: Reef City Tinting, Paranormal Performance and MKS Towing.”

GMSC are always looking for more volunteers to help with events. Find out more about upcoming events, or volunteering opportunities, at the Gladstone Motor Sports Club Inc. Facebook page, or #GladstoneDrifts on Instagram.

Photos credit to P. Hurn Photography and Apertureauto Photography.