Gladstone Naval Cadets march proudly on Anzac Day

Gladstone Naval Cadets march proudly on Anzac Day

THE Australian Navy Cadets Gladstone enjoyed a significant involvement in the ANZAC Day ceremony in Gladstone this year with over thirty cadets marching in the parade.

“It’s a great program, we have an emphasis on team work, and developing leadership skills. Cadets develop a good sense of self care, and some life skills that comes with uniform care and packing for camps and time away at regional events, we really see the self-confidence of these young people develop. Some of the young people start shy and a bit anxious but within a few weeks they find their feet with plenty of peer mentoring going on,” Cadet Instructor Renee Horsburgh said.
Gladstone Navy Cadets have a busy year planned. Throughout their time with the unit, the teenagers work their way through a well-designed youth development program that introduces the history and traditions of the Australian Navy as well as practice in core maritime skills. The Training Officer assesses the Cadets who progress through the ranks from Recruit, to Seaman, Able Seaman to Leading Seaman. The skills acquired focus on the core values Honour, Honesty, Courage, Integrity, and Loyalty.

Being a Navy Cadet provides a solid foundation should the young person one day make the decision to apply to join the Australian Defence Force. Young people gain the most benefit when they stay involved for at least a full year to experience the full range of experiences on offer.
Primarily Cadets is about the fun aspect of maritime training. The Australian Navy Cadets is a premier youth development program, which provides local young people something a bit different to other after-school opportunities such as sports and hanging around home watching gaming screens.
“It’s beneficial for the teenagers, for developing self-esteem, gives them experience working as a team and invites them to be a part of a broader community as Navy Cadets units are found around Australia.” Cadet Instructor Karen Soane explained the activities the young people get the chance to undertake can include Drum Corp, workplace safety skills and worksite emergency procedures, first aid skills, and nautical navigation.
“At the Unit one night per week, during school terms we do Parades, with flag ceremony, drill to practice marching, safety knowledge, skills lessons and anything we can’t fit in time wise at the unit Cadets have opportunity to experience while on the camps, such as high ropes, specialist skills and advanced continuous training. Overall, it’s a hands-on, activity-based applied learning program.”
Cadets can become a recruit if they turn 13 in the year they are joining, the upper age limit for joining as a cadet is 17. Adults may be interested to support the unit in various ways by being involved in the Unit Support Committee.

TS Gladstone meets on Monday nights from 6.15pm to 9.30pm. For further information see website or contact Commanding Officer Lieutenant Brad Lawson on phone number 0418 983 671.

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