Gladstone Police Station welcomes new constables

Gladstone Police Station welcomes new constables

The three new constables have recently commenced work in the Gladstone Region.

Constable Jarek has returned to Gladstone to commence his career in policing, previously being part of the Nightwatch Chaplains. Constable Rienna is from Agnes Water and will be based in Gladstone, and Constable Joshua is from Ipswich, soon to be based in Biloela.

“I just wanted a job where I was on my feet; where I could help people out, and support them at their worst times. I’m excited for these first few weeks, and to try new things and see where this job takes me,” said Constable Joshua.

“Policing is something I’ve always been interested in, and through my previous job I worked alongside police, and in volunteer roles as well. I wanted to take the next step and become a police officer. I’m looking forward to the nature of the work, and dealing with lots of different people. You’ll never do the same thing every day, and you get to work as part of a team. There’s a few things that I’m interested in, things like CPIU and Dog Squad, but there’s so many other roles that we’ll get experience in too” said Constable Jarek.

“My mum used to be a teacher, and when I was growing up I used to work with her in the reading groups at school. I’ve always had an interest in the Child Protection Investigation Unit (CPIU) side of policing, and I’ve been applying to be a police officer since I was 19, and this has definitely been my driving force,” said Constable Rienna.

The three new constables mean that there are currently 10 First Year Constables in Gladstone, two at Tannum Sands Stations, and one in Biloela.

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