Gladstone Region Holds Inaugural Youth Summit

Gladstone Region Holds Inaugural Youth Summit

The event was run by the Youth Council, and was hosted at the Phillip Street Communities & Families Precinct.

The Youth Summit was held on September 2, and hosted young adults from schools around the Gladstone Region. The event aimed to encourage communication from the Gladstone Region’s young people to discuss ideas regarding Council and the future of the region.

Two members of the Youth Council, Chloe Sydes and Emma Roulston, said that the idea was put forward because of the Youth Council’s suggestion to have more young people involved in decision making.

“This entire event was created and run by the Youth Council. We’re all likeminded people, and we thought it was really important to make sure that our youth have a voice. These young people are our next generation of leaders,” said Chloe.

The Youth Council is an advisory committee that gives feedback to the Gladstone Regional Council so that they can make change in the community. Chloe and Emma make up two of the Youth Council’s ten members, seven of whom are still in school.

“We get to help the Mayor and the Council with different things. They really want to hear from the Gladstone Region’s youth, and be able to get that perspective,” said Emma.

The findings from the Youth Summit have been put into a report, and will be relayed to the council. This will help to communicate important matters to the council, specifically those that have been put forward by those in attendance at the Youth Summit.

The Youth Summit had an attendance of 47 people, and the Youth Council intends on continuing to communicate with youth in the Gladstone Region.

Applications for the 2023 Youth Council are now open, and are available to young people aged 15-24. You can read more about the current Youth Council on the Gladstone Regional Council website:

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