Gladstone Schools Participate in STEM Drone Challenge

Gladstone Schools Participate in STEM Drone Challenge

Last week many local Gladstone schools participated in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Drone Challenge.

The challenge is a collaborative project between QMEA, QGC, CQU and Toolooa State High School. Over the last 6 weeks, students have been training for this challenge where they have been acquiring skills in controlling drones as well as steering it through obstacles courses.

The program aims to improve STEM outcomes for students in Gladstone, David Capill from Toolooa State High said,

“There’s a real space for drones to be an emerging piece of technology and industry in Gladstone in lots of different jobs not just here in Gladstone. So, it makes sense for our students to be exposed to drones, coding drones and using the skill sets needed to work in teams to problem solve and think of innovative ways of using drones.”

The students participated in three events on the day, the first looked at accurate the students could fly a drone through an obstacle course. The second event built from the first and focused on speed, measuring how quickly and accurately the students could land the drone in specific areas. The third and final event simulated a real-life scenario where the students pretended to be the Queensland Ambulance Service and dropped off a simulated EpiPen to someone hiking in the bush. The students were required to use the programming function of the drones to program and approve a flight plan before taking the flight.

When asked if they enjoyed the program students from Gladstone State High said,

“We enjoy flying the drones and STEM, our favourite subjects are Science and Math’s.”