Gladstone South Swim Club sends record number of swimmers to Queensland State Sprint Championships

Gladstone South Swim Club sends record number of swimmers to Queensland State Sprint Championships

41 swimmers from the club were selected for the annual state championship, with a record-breaking three members taking home medals.

Ryan Chinner, the President of the Gladstone South Swim Club said that this performance was the best that the club has seen in the six years since they were founded.

“Out of the 200 teams that attended the event, we had the 11th biggest team, which is amazing considering we come from a fairly small regional town. This competition is one of the best in the state for our young swimmers, since they only need to be 10 years old to qualify,” said Mr. Chinner.

To qualify for the event, swimmers had to attend the most recent Regional Meet for Central Queensland which any swimmers at a club level are able to enter. These meets required members to meet certain times, which then led to their selection for the recent Sprint Championships.

“This competition is a great-entry level for our younger swimmers as there’s not as many levels to qualify, but it also sees some of the best swimmers in Queensland in attendance. Some of these top-level clubs that compete are the ones that produce Olympic swimmers, with a lot of the National Medallists coming from Queensland. So, for three of our swimmers to medal at this championship; it’s huge. It’s the best our club has ever done, to have anyone levelling at state level is amazing.

“The biggest highlight of the weekend was the depth that we have to the club. Some of the guys winning the medals have been in the sport for a good 7 or 8 years, but we’ve got 10 and 11 year old swimmers who are destroying their own personal bests. Each year it just seems to increase.”

Of course, a huge thanks has to go to the coaches, who put everything into pushing these swimmers and helping them achieve their goals.

“Adam Eiseman is the Head Coach, and he puts his heart and soul in. We’ve also got Kate Jones, Beccy Desertiaux and Colleen West who are all amazing coaches, and do such a great job of motivating these kids.”

The Gladstone South Swim Club recently became affiliated with the Calliope Pool, with the club hosting swimmers at both the pool in Gladstone as well as Calliope. This started with a small squad of swimmers who were largely doing it for fitness, but by having access to the club their talent became apparent.

“Several of the swimmers at our Calliope pool were actually at this Championship, and it just goes to show that they just needed this opportunity to be able to achieve something incredible.”


Harley Stokes: 10yrs Multi-Class

Kayden Gibson: 14yrs Boys

Kai Chinner: 16yrs Boys

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