Gladstone State High School

Gladstone State High School

The start of 2020 has certainly been one unlike any that we have experienced before! 

Our staff, students, parent/carers, P&C and entire school community worked together to overcome some unprecedented circumstances and obstacles.  We are truly appreciative of the dedication of our teaching team who prepared home learning resources and online learning materials; our cleaners for ensuring a safe working and learning environment; our P&C who provided us with our parent voice and our parents/carers who became home learning facilitators.  We thank each of you for your continued commitment to support our students through this challenging time.

School Captains: Jake Lyle and Christian Villanueva

School Vice Captains: Kate French and Stephanie Elliot

School Indigenous Captains: Savannah Power

From Left to Right – Kate French, Jake Lyle, Savannah Power, Christian Villanueva, Stephanie Elliot