Gladstone West Primary School Shines at the 2023 Showcase!

Gladstone West Primary School Shines at the 2023 Showcase!

Gladstone West Primary School stands proudly among a select group of Queensland state schools recognised for their exceptional contributions to education at the prestigious 2023 Showcase – Celebrating equity and excellence across state education dinner, hosted at the Brisbane Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre.

This year’s event introduced innovative showcase categories that align with the Department of Education’s Equity and Excellence strategy, shedding light on schools that have made significant strides in improving student outcomes, enhancing educational achievements, fostering student wellbeing and engagement, and championing a culture of inclusion. 

In recognition of their remarkable efforts, the nine showcased schools, including Gladstone West Primary School, have been awarded a $20,000 bursary. This financial support will enable them to share their innovative practices with other school communities, further enhancing educational programs and initiatives, and collectively contributing to the advancement of state education.

Sarah Jacob, who is the Principal of Gladstone West State School has shared her excitement about the bursary.

“I am very proud of our Buraligm Weiber program and our work supporting First Nations students,” said Ms Jacob.

“To receive the Showcase acknowledgment of the incredible work and dedication of our team is an absolute honour.”

A local member of the community who wishes to remain anonymous has expressed their thoughts on this exciting announcement. 

“Congratulations to Gladstone West State School on being one of the nine schools in the state to receive the bursary. What a great achievement for teachers and students and a fantastic reflection on the dedication of all involved in the education system.”

This accomplishment not only highlights the school’s achievements but also serves as an inspiration for the entire education system. It reaffirms that when individuals, communities and institutions come together in support of education, the possibilities for progress are limitless, shaping a brighter future for all.

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