Gladstone’s Real Estate: Winter

Gladstone’s Real Estate: Winter

Could a drop in temperatures also mean a drop in real estate prices?

Back in Autumn, the average rental price was around $450 a week. While we certainly haven’t experienced a decline in housing availability, the average price of rental homes and apartments in Gladstone has definitely experienced a decrease.

The average cost now as we head into Winter is closer to being around $300 for a three-bedroom place in Gladstone, which is definitely an upgrade to what we experienced at this time last year.

House prices are also starting to sit a little lower than they have in previous months, with house prices starting from around $250 000, according to While this is around half of the average price in some other Queensland cities, like Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, there is still a huge demand for affordable housing in Gladstone.

Despite the decline in prices though, there is still a massive amount of competition to get into rental properties around the Gladstone Region.

Of course, there’s no way to guarantee getting in to a rental property, however some good tips include: making sure you have all your paperwork ready, checking in with your references, having your pay slips ready, and being on time to inspections.