The Gourmet Burger Bar Gladstone’s building.

The Gourmet Burger Bar Gladstone’s building.

East ShoresIt’s not every day you get invited to be partners in the making of something awesome, which is what a new eating spot, which is currently being built, in Gladstone is offering.  The Dock at East Shores is set to be just what we have all been screaming out for – delicious, fresh, gourmet burgers at East Shores.

The new concept that makes it even more exciting is that the owners, Heidi and Jeremy, of The Dock at East Shores have invited the community to partner in the burger dream. This novel idea unlocks value for the whole family. The catch, numbers are limited, the deal is simply not commercially viable for too many and Heidi and Jeremy expect them to sell out well before opening in September or October.

This is indeed a rare change in approach. By being open, honest and real when stating they have toyed with the idea of not going ahead with the new burger bar because of the tough times, but instead of fading into the distance decided to going up against it they are flattered the community has voted with their feet, by taking up Founding Memberships, and walking the journey alongside them.

What can we expect?

Well luckily for us the owners are seasoned operators and also own Gelaspresso. So how do we know it’s going to be amazing? Have you tried one of those Nutella injected donuts topped with gelato? Well that’s their delicious creation and it speaks to the point that they know how to do food! ‘If you thought our doughnuts were great, they are nothing compared to our burgers, this will be an experience that we know will blow you away’ said Heidi Hastings.

The DockLet’s paint you the picture – delicious burgers at East Shores, right across from the marina. Water views, mouthwatering food and some cheeky drinks too. Top it off with dessert from Gelapsresso where your Founding Membership discounts also apply.

They are going to use the membership money to accelerate construction and transform the space but the best part is what they are willing to offer in return to Founding Members:

Member prices on all food and beverages (save $$$ every visit) – there is a $5 difference in burger and cocktail prices for members! Monthly $100 members cash draw for 3 years, opening night $1000 members draw, VIP line for ordering and table bookings, Name on an honour board and 10 Members will be drawn on opening night for 25{7a2eb471754f58cbf59baa93ee81dc7b74d186cb2e306188f39c85ba863dbab8} off for 3 years. You also receive an exclusive invitation to one of the opening nights.

The Founding Membership is for 3 years and only costs $100. The membership is extended to the holders spouse and children, now that is value! There is huge demand for this burger place to open and it simply has to happen. All it will take is 600 members to chuck in for some start up and we will be in delicious burger coma heaven sooner rather than later.

Memberships are selling fast and it’s been capped at about 600. If you’ like to reserve yours, access the application form via email request to or drop into Gelaspresso.

Amazingly, the community partnership doesn’t end there! Recognising that times are tough Heidi and Jeremy decided that any membership form that comes in with a local business name on the bottom, they will donate $5 to a tab at The Dock for that business.

Owner of Crossfit Escape Matt Darcy said “It is important small business support each other in Gladstone. For us it is a win win, we need new good quality food options in Gladstone and if our membership helps make it happen sooner and we get a cracker of a discount for three years, why wouldn’t you join?”

Crossfit Escape have been sharing this great initiative with their members and have already racked up a nice tab for their Christmas Party this year. Heidi said “We know everyone is doing it tough, especially small business, so this is one clever way they can still have a party but for a heavily reduced cost, even potentially no cost!”