Gym goers get ready

By Luke Smart

Gym goers get ready

With the Queensland government recently announcing that stage two easing of restrictions would happen sooner than expected, many businesses are planning to open sooner than anticipated! Natalie Thomas, manager of Hub Total Fitness still isn’t certain on what date the gym will re-open but is confident that it will happen sooner than expected,

“We are excited about announcing a date to our members and to the Gladstone community.”

I order to open, businesses must have an approved COVID SAFE Industry.

“Initially we thought we had more time so we are currently wrapping up some refurbishment projects as fast as we can with our local tradies, and hope to have those doors open as soon as all the boxes are ticked for our COVID SAFE operating plan.”

Natalie did everything she could during this time to help the fitness community and engage with members.

“We rented our equipment on a weekly basis, things like barbells, plates and spin bikes. We’re also a my zone affiliated club (a wearable wireless heart rate monitor) and we use that to set weekly challenges for our members. So we can see if they’re still exercising and try to encourage them.”

The staff at Hub Total Fitness kept themselves quite busy during this time, meticulously cleaning the gym, applying fresh coats of paint, running outdoor boot camps, and office admin.

“We’ve got some multi-skilled staff, which is great!”

Natalie has been using this time wisely, acquiring new equipment for the gym such as treadmills and even a portable fogging machine which will be used to disinfect equipment. She has also been training the staff in new areas to expand their skills.