Lucy Irwin grew a wig for another child battling to grow their own!

Lucy Irwin grew a wig for another child battling to grow their own!

For most Children, their priorities lie with what YouTube unboxing video they’re going to watch next, what snack they’re going to have after school, or if they’ll get time to play their Ipad before bed. But, not for Lucy Irwin, she added an important and life changing priority to her list.

Two years ago when Lucy was 4 years old, she heard about the Hair with Heart program and although she had already been growing her hair her whole life, she became determined to grow it long enough to donate her hair for children in need.

Variety – The Children’s Charity, is a non-government funded charity that donates wigs to children who have lost their hair through medical conditions. Variety also provides equipment and service to children in need through the funds raised by incredible people, like Lucy.

Last Saturday, a few months after Lucy’s 6th birthday her hair was past 35cm long, which is the required length to donate, so she decided it was time. It will be made into a wig for another little person who is battling to grow their own.

“She has always been a generous soul, and when she heard about the program, she had her mind set on helping another little person out ever since. We’re so proud.” said Sarah, Lucy’s Mum.

When they arrived at Studio B Hair & Beauty to get her hair chopped Lucy’s Dad Brendan said ‘LJ is nervous excited about losing her locks. We keep reminding her what a special decision it is and to think of the little girl that she is helping. Proud Dad.’

Sure enough, she had her long hair tied into little ponytails and chopped off one by one. She will now send the hair off to a very deserving person.

At just 6 years old, Lucy has lots to be proud of. Congratulations for being a kind and caring, young person.

If you would like more information on how you can donate hair you can find more details on Variety Hair Donation on the website