Handy Voting Info

Handy Voting Info

2016 Gladstone Regional Council Mayoral / Councillor Election :

When is the election on?

Saturday March 19

Voting is compulsory in QLD. If you don’t vote you could get a fine.

How many people do I vote for?


You can either just place a number 1 for the person you want to elect OR

You can vote 1, 2 and 3. In order of who you most want to elect down to who you lease want.

Councillor – (8 people will gain a role)

Put a 1 for person you would like to elect and work your way to 8 in order of your preference.

What voting system is used in local Elections?
We have an Optional Preferential Voting (OPV) system.
Electors can express their order of preference by:

  • voting for one;
  • voting for some;
  • voting for all.