He started neglecting me about 2 years ago.

He started neglecting me about 2 years ago.

It’s been described as a mop, maine and nest but Rob is still growing strong (excuse the pun) we are talking about his famous hair! We asked Rob’s hair to make comment and it said ‘I haven’t always been so long and unruly. He started neglecting me about 2 years ago and really hasn’t done anything with me for a long time.’

Are you starting to wonder why we are writing a story about Rob’s hair? Or why we made up a quote from his hair? Aside from excellent reporting getting a message direct from the source? Rob is a part of The World’s Greatest Shave.

He has been growing his hair for the past two years and as you can see in the photo there is a LOT of hair. His work crew from Workforce International dobbed him into us so we jumped on board. They are trying to get as much support as they can to support finding a cure for Leukaemia and to see this big mop of hair gone.

Karina from Gladstone News said ‘I spent better part of last year living at Leukaemia House with my mum in Brisbane, and worked closely with the Transplant unit at RBW. I am behind all the great people in our community that fundraise to try and find a cure so other people don’t loose mums, dad’s, wives or children to this awful disease’. Let’s promote this far and wide and help Rob at the very least loose his fro.’ so there it is.. We will Pass on the message – It would be great if we could reach lots of people who all make a small donation. We will also showcase other local legends doing the Worlds Greatest Shave too. (we think you are Brave)

Here is his fundraising page – go forth and check it out.

(PS we are told he doesn’t usually wear this shirt to work, it was a dress up day)