headspace Day celebrated in Gladstone 

headspace Day celebrated in Gladstone 

Roseberry QLD hosted a special BBQ breakfast this morning (Thursday 11th October) in celebration of headspace Day. As the lead agency for the delivery of headspace in Gladstone, Roseberry QLD  encourages all young Australians to develop and maintain a healthy headspace 

Celebrated nationally, headspace day highlights the importance of support for the mental health and wellbeing of all young Australians. Statistics show that one in four young people in Australia experiences a mental health issue each year. That represents a quarter of all young people in Australia.  

This years’ theme, ‘add a little colour to your day: put mental health in the picture’ has inspired the local office when planning the celebration, with stations set up to promote this years’ theme, including mindful colouring.  

Headspace Gladstone Centre Manager, David Myles highlighted the importance of equipping young Australians with tools and simple tips to maintain a healthy headspace.  “By using mindful colouring, we are bringing the tips to life in communities all over Australia and encouraging people to share the small things they do to support their mental health,” he said.  

“Young people face a unique set of challenges; things like study, body changes, issues at home and relationship break-ups can make it hard for young people to stay in a positive state of mind. We know that young people are resilient and with the right support and tools they can respond to life’s challenges in a healthy and positive way,” he added.  

Working with young people from across Australia, headspace has developed seven tips for a healthy headspace. The headspace Gladstone team encourages members of the community to share and talk to young people about the small things they do to support their mental health. 

Headspace Gladstone have shared their top three tips to maintaining a healthy headspace;  

  1. Get into life and do stuff that’s important to you.
  2. Learn new ways to handle tough times.
  3. Build close and connected relationships.