Here In History by Betty Laver

Here In History by Betty Laver

The Maye Building


In late 1938, Colin D Patrick’s Jewellry store in 98 Goondoon Street burned to the ground and the family who lived behind the shop escaped with just their night attire.

Dr John Maye purchased the site and soon rebuilt a two-storey building with two shops on the first level and two at ground level.

Colin D Patrick soon settled back into a ground level shop and De Lacey and Kellett Solicitors occupied an upstairs room.

In 1940 Heather Jenkinson (later Chapman) started the Rosette Beauty Salon in an upstairs shop and Ruth Bennedick (later Tobin/Crossin) eventually acquired the salon.

Ruth was hairdressing on these premises until 2010 when she had to vacate with the landlord wanting to renovate.

Dudley Pidgeon, a popular Gladstone Dentist, spent many years operating his trade in one of these upstairs shops.

The third generation of Colin D Patrick now own the building and, with an increased area, are still trading as Patrick Jewellers.

It is over ninety years since Colin D Patrick first bought out a small struggling jewellry shop on this site in Goondoon Street.