Here in History by Betty Laver

Here in History by Betty Laver

Boyne River Crossing & Bridge 


When motor cars began arriving in the Gladstone Region, motorists going south from Gladstone on the Bruce Highway only had a shallow ford in which they crossed the Boyne River.

They often become bogged in the sand and if the river became swollen then there was no chance of the traffic getting through.

Rainy weather often caused the adventurous tourists to wait, sometimes as long as a week, before they could get their cars through this crossing.

A car rally was held in the 1920s and this ford caused all sorts of trouble for the motorists who participated.

In 1926 a single lane bridge was built in the same location.

Although slow with just one lane, this was quite an improvement.

This bridge spanned the water region of the river in dry weather but if there was sufficient run in the river then the bridge would be covered, and traffic would bank up for miles on either side.

In the early 1950s, a large party of young people were coming home from a weekend away.

When they arrived at the Boyne River it was in flood, so there was nothing for it but to wait.

Word got through to Mayor Jack O’Malley in Gladstone of their plight and he took to the streets with a loud haler.

He let folk know that their children were safe but stranded at Boyne River.

In 1960s, a new high-level bridge was built so that the traffic would no longer have problems with floods.