Here in History by Betty Laver

Here in History by Betty Laver

Gladstone Civic Centre


After just a decade of the town hall, built on the corner of Goondoon and Herbert streets, aldermen were complaining of the lack of storage room in this facility.

In 1958, the civic centre that had been hampered for thirteen years by a shortage of funds, building material and labour, was about to become a reality when Governor Sir Henry Abel Smith laid the foundation stone.

This building, just along from the National Bank in Goondoon Street, was on the original site of the home of Judge Innes and his family and previously that of the Breslin family.

Along with the celebrations was the recognition of three men who had served the council

for a great number of years, namely Alderman Jack O’Malley, Alderman Bill Golding (Jnr) and Town Clerk, Roy Grayson.

Alderman O’Malley went on to serve a record fifteen years as mayor and Alderman Golding eventually served fifty years as Alderman (some as mayor).

In 1957 he received an MBE for services to the community.

Roy Grayson ultimately served a total of thirty-four years as Gladstone Town Clerk.

The first storey was finished in 1959 and although the planned second floor wasn’t completed for a long time and, in due course, the building was large enough to house all the council departments.

Eventually, the library was housed in a separate building built beside the old town hall and the Art Gallery took over the town hall proper.

The Child Welfare Clinic was established in its own building in William Street.