Hope for future business

By Luke Smart

Hope for future business

With Coronavirus restrictions being slowing rolled back, many businesses can’t wait to open the doors and resume trading.

On Wednesday the 25th of March The Lash & Brow Room had to reluctantly close it’s doors, abiding by the government’s rigorous COVID-19 restrictions. But with several of these restrictions being slowly rolled back, on Monday Melissa Hulbert was finally able to reopen her doors and get her business back up and running.

During the initial stages of the closure, Mel was quite concerned with what the future would hold,

“It was definitely stressful in the lead up to closing and when we first closed. It was, however, also a slight relief because at that stage we didn’t know how Australia would cope with it and I think a lot of our clients shared our concern.”

After reopening her site for bookings Mel received a massive influx of bookings, receiving 25 in the first 5 minutes and over 200 in the first 24 hours!

“We were quite overwhelmed and definitely felt really loved by it, the support from all of our clients has been amazing. We knew everyone was excited to come back and see us but I just could never have imagined it would be like this.”

Mel hopes and believes when other businesses are finally able to open their doors the response from the community will be very similar.

“We have such a great community here, I’d love to see all the support for other businesses as well.”

Mel said she was incredibly grateful for all the love and support the community has shown her during this difficult time.