Hungry Games – Keeping Motivated

Hungry Games – Keeping Motivated


It has been a wicked month! I am loving it! Even though some part of me feels dead every Monday and Wednesday after a workout at Crossfit escape, but it is so worth it!

I am a little worried about the holiday break coming up, I feel like Super Nanny (Hungry Games) is abandoning me to deal with my out of control children (lifestyle habits) by myself and I’m not sure I’ve taken enough notes.

But I don’t know if you can ever really be sure you can handle it.

That’s what most big things in life are, that straight up jump in the deep end. I know one of my biggest problems is staying motivated. If my motivation were a child on Super Nanny, it’d have its own season of the show it can be that bad; Super Nanny, Motivation Madness! I’d love to watch that.

When it comes to kids on that show though, you can see the change in behaviour pretty quickly. Well, quickly compared to our fitness and health. I wish it only took five hours to see a change like we do with the toddlers on the naughty step. So it’s kind of easy to become disheartened because we don’t see that immediate change. I want to talk about some ways to track our progress.

Straight up, I’m staying away from the scales. I know it’s what everyone looks to first, but I’m not going to focus on weight here! There are so many ways the scales can be wrong. Even if we ignore those inspirational “you’re more than a number on the scale” business.

The muscle we’ve all been gaining will weigh more than the fat we’ve melted. Water intake has such a fine balance; drink too much, or too little, and that will affect your weight.

Don’t know about everyone else, but I love salty food, and guess what else can make you weigh more? That’s right! Your body retains more water to break down more salt.

There’s a lot more things that can affect those scales, and even the measuring tape! So how can I stay motivated? Especially over the break without the routine of the program. I’m looking at other goals that don’t involve the way my body looks, but how I can use it.

A goal I’ve wanted to conquer has been those dreadful stairs at Headspace! I mean it’s worth the climb to get to Headspace, but jeez it kills sometimes! And yes, there’s an elevator, but, just, no, elevators are terrifying. Yes, even hotel ones, I’ve gotten locked in too many to be comfortable with any elevator. So I always take the stairs, and I always (usually) end up breathing heavy at the top. Well guess what happened the last time I went to Headspace? Damn right I made those stairs and kept my breath!

It was an absolutely amazing feeling to have made those stairs with my breath intact and motivated me to keep up with the exercising. I’m noticing that I’m sleeping better, I’m feeling better in mind and body. This week at Crossfit we also had a mid-program fitness test, and I improved in all of the skills we tested!

This is has been amazing so far, and I’m feeling inspired to keep improving myself over this break!