Indoor Gardening: Winter

Indoor Gardening: Winter

We all know that a valuable part of having a beautiful home is a garden, but whoever said that garden needed to be outside? There are plenty of ways to bring the outside in, especially if you don’t feel like gardening outside while it’s so chilly.


Before you think about buying a plant, you need to make sure you have a suitable pot. Make sure that it’s leak proof- you can buy pots with built-in saucers that will catch any water, or you can even head to your local second-hand shop to buy a plate or tray to put underneath to collect any extra water. Always make sure you have a hole in the bottom so your plants don’t drown!


Ferns are a fantastic plant to grow inside year-round, especially here in Central Queensland. Ferns are native to rainforests, so they don’t like direct sun or being dry. Keep them out of direct sun in the bathroom, and water them regularly- they’ll even appreciate the extra humidity.


Philodendrons are part of a really big family of flowering plants called Araceae. They’re also the perfect plants to grow inside, and will thrive if you want them to trail or climb- these plants are also native to rainforests, so they’ll appreciate some indirect sun in your home. As a bonus, these guys are also super easy to propagate- hello, free plants!

Zanzibar Gem, or ZZ Plant:

The Zanzibar Gem or ZZ Plant is a very popular plant that is perfect to grow in your home, even in darker spots. They don’t like cool weather, so they thrive inside year-round. They prefer bright, indirect light and well-draining potting mix. These guys are slow-growing, and will tolerate dry periods.




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