Industry raises awareness for domestic and family violence prevention

Industry raises awareness for domestic and family violence prevention

Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) went purple in May to raise awareness for Domestic & Family Violence (D&FV) Prevention Month.

The large QAL logo, at the site’s front entrance, was painted purple, which started a challenge around site with other purple items popping up, including an old tree stump at the RDA facility.

QAL General Manager Pine Pienaar said everyone who came on site during the month noticed the large purple Q and asked why it had been painted.

“We did it to start a conversation and it worked, it got people thinking about it [D&FV] and offering safety shares in meetings on the topic, and finding out how they can help,” he said.

“For us, the health and safety of our people goes beyond the front gate and beyond one month of the year.

“We are determined to work as a team to raise awareness, educate and eradicate domestic and family violence in all its forms.”

The QAL Team has also supported the Coordinated Community Response to Domestic & Family Violence (CCRDFV) by collecting toiletry items for their GLAD Packs Program and purchasing 100 mini care packs to donate to local women, men and youths affected by D&FV.

CCRDFV, a committee of government and non-government organisations and volunteers, works to raise awareness, provide support, and educate the Gladstone Region about the signs and effects of D&FV.

Committee Secretary Wendy Morris said, “talking about domestic violence has been very hush-hush in the past, and it can still be an uncomfortable conversation to start”.

“Long-term culture change takes time, and it can’t shift unless we start conversations,” she said.

“Change starts with one small act, and QAL has taken steps to raise awareness and start those conversations to make a difference within the Gladstone community.”

As part of their commitment to raise D&FV awareness QAL’s Human Resources Team led Toolbox Talks with the theme of ‘unmuting yourself’.

The organisation, which introduced a D&FV policy in 2019, also provided training and shareable information to their peer supporters, so that “domestic and family violence [issues] don’t remain unheard or seen”.

CCRDFV members regularly attend local businesses as guest speakers and talk with employees about D&FV and promote local initiatives.

This service is open to all local businesses and organisations, who are encouraged to reach out to CCRDFV, especially if they would like to learn more about adopting an in-house D&FV policy to assist victims of D&FV in seeking assistance through the workplace.

To learn more about CCRDFV visit