Integreat Queensland

Integreat Queensland

The new face of Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours

On Saturday, March 20 Welcoming Intercultural Neighbours hosted an opening event for their new office space and unveiled their new name, ‘Integreat Queensland’.

The change comes as the organisation believes the new name is a better representation of its core values – supporting everyone from everywhere with opportunities to get involved, feel welcome, learn new things, and contribute to a strong, thriving local community.

Integreat Queensland offers support to people from different countries, backgrounds and parts of Australia to confidently settle in, make friends, share their skills and culture and build relationships with local people that benefit everyone.

Integreat Queensland runs an array of programs throughout the region. These include free conversational English classes, Friendship Corner which helps new residents of Gladstone find new friends and build supportive connections, and Gladstone’s Multicultural Playgroup which are informal sessions where new parents and children are given the opportunity to connect with other families in their local communities, to share knowledge, seek advice and gain invaluable support.

Although the name may have changed Integreat Queensland’s commitment to the community remains the same. Through a range of programs, services, events and networks, they’re continuing to help shape a diverse inclusive community where people want to live.