The Ironing Maidens – Steaming up Boyne Tannum

The Ironing Maidens – Steaming up Boyne Tannum

Do you hate ironing and wish the world would change? Are you a closet ironer and need to get out more? Or are you an avid ironer who thinks that with a freshly ironed shirt and a good soundtrack you could go places?

This is your band.

Always stretching the boundaries of what you’d expect to see while you’re putting a load through the dryer, Barbie Jean’s Laundry Clean are bringing experimental-electronica duo THE IRONING MAIDENS to Boyne Tannum on June 22 from 7 pm – 9 pm.

The Ironing Maidens is a live electronic music performance art piece which explores the topics of domestic labour, technology and the history of women in electronic music and they even invented their own genre: electro-housewife!

The instruments used are traditional irons and ironing boards that have been adapted and built to create sound and effect triggers for the music and the visuals of the show.

The music is a fresh new take on house music, with 4 to the floor beats, driving 303 style bass patterns, samples from 1950’s advertising and real world laundry sounds as well as lyrical concepts that will iron out your ideas about housework and gender roles. Superb sound, projected visuals, sensational lighting and a smoke machine transforms any old laundry into a whole new spin cycle experience for the audience. Bring your washing! .

The performers, Patty Preece and Melania Jack are music technology educators and performers. Based in Byron Bay, they also run electronic music production and recording workshops.

They won “Best Electronic Music Production” for the 2017 Dolphin Music Industry Awards and have toured this show nationally and internationally to festivals and venues such as The METRO Sydney, Fusion Fest Germany, The Berlin Performance Art Festival and Falls Festival Byron Bay.

You will never look at a laundromat in the same way again!

Don’t forget book a spot – Barbie Jean’s has limited capacity and you’ll have to get in quick if you want to shot-gun the Massage Chair!