Celebrate International Women’s Day with The Junction Café!

Celebrate International Women’s Day with The Junction Café!

Melissa Smart purchased The Junction Café in July 2018 and has fifteen local employees working for her, most of which are women. She’s also taken on a new female apprentice chef!

Mel incidentally started as an apprentice chef at a young age too and believes it’s very important that women are stepping up and becoming chefs as it’s a male-dominated profession.  She said her team is like a family and everyone works together to help out with rosters and shifts when they need flexibility, as most of the employees are mums with kids.

“Back in the day women were expected to stay at home and raise kids, nowadays we’re more powerful – we can do what we want to do and although it can be a juggle at times it’s good to be out achieving our goals and dreams,” she said.

Mel encourages women to support each other to continue chasing their dreams without conforming to expectations of the past, “I’m grateful to be living in a time where I’m able to run my own business, there’s definitely tough days but it’s super rewarding!”

If you’re looking to take some time this week to appreciate and celebrate the women in your life, have a coffee and a catch-up at The Junction Café.