Jodie and Andrew Cameron – ‘Making it Happen.’

Jodie and Andrew Cameron – ‘Making it Happen.’

 ‘Make it Happen’ is the motto that Gladstone based, Andrew and Jodie Cameron strive to live by – at home, at work and with their goals too. The Camerons recently returned from their first overseas trip as a couple where they visited New Zealand, Hong Kong and cruised through the Asia-Pacific region. The trip was an incredible milestone for the couple and Jodie acknowledges that their wonderful travel experiences would not have come about without the guidance of the very ‘passionate’ and ‘special’ Regina Taarnby from their local Invest Blue office.

Jodie and Andrew are happy homebodies all about family and their beautiful little unit of three matters above all else.  They are proud parents to 21-year-old Jordan who is high functioning autistic. He lives at home and has ongoing medical and care costs. Jodie admits that it is because of their focus on Jordan and his care that they were only in a financial position to buy a home five years ago. As Jodie says, “the people we love will always matter far more to us than owning a home or having possessions.”

It was actually their home loan contact who pointed the Camerons in the direction of Invest Blue about twelve months ago. According to Jodie, the fit with Regina was great from the start. Life had been understandably busy for the family, and they were feeling a bit out of touch with their financial situation. The couple often left super statements unopened for months on end. Part of their focus with Reggie is to consolidate their super, organise their money, set some clear goals and plan ahead for themselves and for Jordan.

Jodie is very grateful that they have guidance from a financial standpoint but she also sees another tremendous benefit in having Reggie on board as their financial advisor.

“I personally feel a huge sense of freedom emotionally too. I now have peace of mind and many more choices.”

For this couple, Reggie and Invest Blue have helped them ‘turn their dreams into reality’ and given them the confidence to look ahead too. And so with that being the case, there are plans for a Rhine River cruise and time in Italy in the future. And knowing the motto Jodie and Andrew Cameron are inspired by, it’s hopefully only a matter of time before they ‘make it happen’.

This story is a testament to the great products and services that are on offer right here in Gladstone through local business.

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