KR’s Art Studio – from creative vision to reality

KR’s Art Studio – from creative vision to reality

Born and bred Gladstone local Kristy Realf is prize-winning mixed media artist and teacher. Kristy is best known for her big, bright and colourful canvas backgrounds, featuring girls and quirky animals of animation nature. This year Kristy is entering a canvas piece “Zola” in the easel section of the 2018 Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Awards, which opens on October 13 at the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum 

Recently opening her own art studio, KR’s Art Studio, Kristy is excited to offer monthly mixed media classes and workshops from her home-based studio. At the workshop participants can learn a variety of techniques using professional tools and products. The classes are taught by Kristy and fellow artists.  

The opening of KR’s Art Studio is a dream come true for Kristy. “I have always had artistic and creative talent, “she said. “KR’s Art Studio started with a creative vision of a space that would allow me to be artistic, teach through my creative process, inspire others to create art that they can be proud of and give people the feeling of uplifting positivity through mixed media classes and workshops. In 2018 I seized the opportunity to transform my vision into reality.” 

After suffering a debilitating back injury in 2017, Kristy learnt some valuable life lessons, particularly the importance of listening to her body and trusting in the healing process. The injury took its toll both physically and mentally. “This is when I had a creative vision, once I accepted there was no quick fix, I started listening to my body. I learnt about myself and what I wanted in my life and where my life was headed,” Kristy explained. “This journey honestly needed to happen, a blessing because it opened my mind to think I could achieve bigger goals. I thought if I can get through this injury I can achieve anything I want to if I work hard for it.” 

Kristy’s previous business experience was helpful during the planning and design of KR’s Art Studio. She said the project has all come together beautifully with the help, love and support of her family.  

“I enjoyed every step of the planning and design process. My floating floral garden is the statement piece in KR’s Art Studio. It was created by me with the use of a BOHO hammock, flower vines and vintage stringed lights. It captures the attention of many,” Kristy added.  

Kristy said there has been a good amount of interest in the classes offered at KR’s Art Studio and she is enjoying the opportunity to bring people together in a social and interactive environment.  

For further information about scheduled classes and workshops for 2018 visit KR’s Art Studio on Facebook and Instagram, or request the schedule by emailing Kristy at