Should Labour Hire Contractors be the first to go from BSL?

Boyne Smelter

Should Labour Hire Contractors be the first to go from BSL?

Today it’s been reported that one Manpower contractor has been cut from the workforce at Boyne Smelter Limited in what appears to be the first move to reduce workforce for the plant.

He was warned last week to ‘be ready’ because his job could be on the line, but after being employed by Manpower to be on site at BSL for the past two years he thought he may have more time.

The man who wishes to stay anonymous had thought voluntary redundancies would be looked at first, but after today it’s clear to him that contractors will be the first to go.

It’s been a nervous time for local BSL workers with the announcement that jobs will be lost, but very little clarification about how many and when.

We want to know if you think this is the right way for the aluminium refinery to make cuts in workforce following pressure from rising electricity costs?

Some locals are suggesting this is a good move forward to protect the long term full time staff and work backwards.

Should contractors go first? Voluntary redundancy second? Most recently employed next with a last in, first to go approach? management cuts fourth? Long term locals last?

We have a poll here to get community feedback and opinions. It’s no easy job to make these decision, we just hope they do it the right way.

If you have a family member who’s been feeling extra stressed, anxious or not coping with the current prospect of job losses please make an appointment with a GP to get some support with a mental health plan. It’s important as a community we stick together and watch out for people around us having a hard time.

BSL will offer financial planning assistance and personal help for those that require it.