Celebrating International Women’s Day – Leigh Zimmerlie at GAGAL

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Leigh Zimmerlie at GAGAL

During my working life and years in the workforce, I have been extremely fortunate that being of the fair sex has not held me back from succeeding and being promoted into senior roles. For many years I worked in the banking sector moving through the ranks from customer service through to Senior Retail Banking Executive. This was not without it’s challenges and glass ceilings certainly existed, but I was BOLD for change and ambitious and was going to let nothing stand in my way. it’s great to see in modern day, females holding top jobs in an industry that was once male dominated.

I am currently employed as Chief Executive Officer at Gladstone Area Group Apprentices Ltd (GAGAL), where being female has never been an issue with my board offering continuous support and opportunities to deliver and succeed in my role.

Many companies are now seeing the vital role and contribution females can make to corporate boards, with the number of female board directors growing significantly in recent years. It’s pleasing to see, but we are still a way behind our male counterparts. That said, the Gladstone business community certainly support females in their boardrooms.

We, the current females in positions of authority need to be driving for better outcomes for women, we need to create a more gender inclusive world! It also pleasing to see the number of females taking on apprenticeships in fields once dominated by males. Today at GAGAL we have female apprentices employed as diesel mechanics, electricians, fitting and turning and motor mechanics, and all are succeeding to break that glass ceiling!

We really must value both men and women’s opinions in all spheres of life…gender parity is some time off but it is getting closer!