Liptember: A Lipstick of Love for Mental Health

Liptember: A Lipstick of Love for Mental Health

Before the establishment of the Liptember Foundation, there was a noticeable lack of charities dedicated to supporting women, and women’s mental health was not receiving the attention it deserved.

In response to this gap, two friends, Renee and Luke, made a dedicated commitment to transform the idea of a women’s mental health campaign into a reality.

Catherine Rotondo, a dedicated advocate for this cause and a proud Gladstone resident, has openly shared her personal journey that ignited her passion for becoming a spokesperson for this initiative.

She discovered Liptember through social media back in 2013 when a close acquaintance posted about the fundraiser. Since then, the campaign has become an annual event on her calendar.

“Liptember came into my life over a decade ago at a time when I believe I needed it most,” shared Cat.

“I remember feeling lost and unsure as I don’t recall seeing a lot of information surrounding women’s mental health. It struck me that this topic was often overlooked and under discussed, which left me with a profound sense of isolation and solitude. At that moment, I was determined to become a part of this campaign,”

“I firmly believe that women should have the freedom to openly discuss mental health concerns. I acknowledge that it can be intimidating to place oneself in a vulnerable position and discuss something as impactful as mental health,”

“I would like to be able to focus on the lack of mental health facilities available for women in Regional Queensland. I guess that is what inspired me to become an advocate for such an inspiring cause!”

“I was heading to work with bright blue lipstick and a few of the guys were asking what it was about. I felt very grateful to be able to spark up those important conversations.” shared Cat.

Through the power of social media and her ongoing commitment, Cat has embraced this annual event as a means to champion mental health awareness.

With each passing year, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to contribute to this vital cause.

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