Local Apprentice Sparks Success In New Role

Local Apprentice Sparks Success In New Role

2020 Toolooa State High School graduate, Anna Morgan, is well underway with her Electrical Apprenticeship at the Dawson Mine.

Morgan, who is contracted to Anglo American through Apprentices and Trainees QLD (ATQLD), says that she can’t wait for the opportunities that a career in electricity will present.

“What interests me about undertaking an electrical apprenticeship is the wide range of areas that I can constantly pursue and challenge myself in. There are endless possibilities of personal growth, and the apprenticeship provides me with all the tools and opportunities I need to set myself up for the rest of my life.”

Even after less than a month on site, Morgan is already finding her feet at the Dawson Mine.

“In the last few weeks I have already learnt so much information about how the mine works, and its exemplary level of safety procedures. The process leading up to this was very thorough and interesting. I’ve had to complete constructive team activities, as well as aptitude testing and individual interviews.

“From my first few weeks as an apprentice, I knew without a doubt that I would learn so much from this experience. The idea of personal growth, and the knowledge that one day I will have the ability to understand and complete tasks autonomously is what I look forward to the most.

Morgan, who chose a path away from the ATAR system herself, says that anyone who is considering an apprenticeship should go for it.

“It is such a great opportunity and by doing so you are giving yourself so much room to grow as a person. If you do get an apprenticeship, don’t be afraid to ask questions and give everything a go.”